Red Giants
Red Giants
Red Giants

WHAMMY! Analog Media

Red Giants

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Our first VHS release!

Our aim with this tape was to recreate the feeling of stumbling upon a VHS animation compilation and discovering artists unbeknownst to us before we picked up the tape. The exciting feeling of discovery when exposed to creative art, artists and techniques that imbue the very material of our lives with the joy of renewed possibility, that's what we wanted. Inspiring moving images, the magic inherent in the medium of animation, all of that wrapped up in the tape-medium itself - it's one of the most treasured and warm experiences on Earth. So we knew asking Sam Gurry to curate would be our first starting place as they are an astounding experimental animator themselves, alongside being a historian and educator of the medium.

"As magnetic tape degrades over time the colors bleed and bloom not unlike a dying star. This object in your hand will never play the same way twice. Enjoy it now. It's star stuff tomorrow." - S.G.

Featuring glorious animation by:

Justine Lai
Exyl Xu
Matías Bárquez
Mia Hernandez
Anna Firth
Will Bottini
Adrian Flurry
Jackie Turpin

~30 min runtime


Includes a zine!

Tape features beautiful digital riso printed artwork, printed in Boyle Heights by Re/Arte Centro Literario + Independent Print Shop.

Artwork and curation by Sam Gurry.

VHS duplication by


Red Giants